MeasurLink® – Energy

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Almost all of today’s electronic technology involves the use of semiconductors. Semiconductor and electronic manufacturing is also integral to every other industry as more products have electronics embedded into them. Manufacturers of these components use sophisticated techniques and processes that are unique to this industry and must be able to quantify and react to abnormal conditions.


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Traceability is information about a part that is important, but not a measurement. This information can be collected and used as criteria for filtering the data.

  • Serial Number, Lot Number, Customer, Invoice, Order
  • Fixture, Machine Line, Material type, etc

This information is just as important as the actual measurement data. Many energy components have a long life in use and retention and access to not only measurements, but traceability data that is necessary to ensure the component is up to the job. MeasurLink® data is easily retained and accessible to meet this need.

Electronic Data Collection

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Electronic data collection allows the user of the gage to send the measurement displayed on the gage directly to a computer by simply pushing a data send button. An incredible variety of Data Management is available. From USB cables and multiplexer systems to wireless systems, MeasurLink® can support them all.

  • Reduce the time required to measure and record data
  • Reduce errors in data such as transposing numbers and illegible handwriting
  • Increase ease of use by not having to put the gage down to pick up a pen and paper to record the data