Modular Fixturing Components

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R-BC10Component storage box $13.95
Small component tray$121.83
R-TC-500200Medium component tray $144.15
R-TC-560500Large component tray $273.42
Tower block with base$63.47
Vacuum hose$0.25
R-CSVPVacuum pump $214.83
Suction V cup$74.87
Exposed suction cup$47.66
Suction cup$56.27
Rotator standoff$60.68
4-way spring-loaded pin standoff$102.30
2-way spring-loaded pin standoff$109.74
Standoff adapter$13.72
Delrin® pin standoff$13.72
Pin standoff$12.79
Delrin® standoff$13.02
1/4-20 Standoff$10.23
M12 Standoff$32.55
M8 Standoff$11.63
M6 Standoff$10.70
M4 Standoff$11.63
R-PAACUMetrology table adapter plate $222.27
Tooling ball$63.94
R-AT-6Adjustable T-arm $61.61
R-VMB-20510Micro V block $69.29
R-PCV-507540-10-4Vertical base plate $128.34
Corner viewer$47.20
Screws and adapters$2.33
Wedge stop$24.88
Resting pin$9.77
V magnet$62.78
V magnet with base$105.09
R-NTM-1Magnetic mini V block $322.71
Pin magnet$56.96
Hold down clamp$66.26
R-CCASAdjustable angle slide $544.05
R-CPC-190CMM plate clamp $43.94
Spring pusher standoff clamp$44.87
R-CRAVRotational angle vise $952.32
R-CJR-3Rotating 3-jaw clamp $263.19
R-CJ-33-jaw clamp $366.42
R-CSVM-4Micro V spring clamp $174.84
R-CMC-4Micro center $142.29
R-CPSM-4Micro sliding pusher clamp $130.20
Spring wedge clamp$104.16
Tension clamp bracket$62.08
Mini vise$244.59
Micro vise clamp$113.46
Pusher clamp$76.26
R-CSPScrew pusher clamp $79.52
Plunger tip tension clamp$51.85
Soft tip spring wire clamp$57.20
Soft tip spring wire clamp$26.04
Spring wire clamp$26.51
Soft tip tension clamp$24.41
Tension clamp$20.93
R-AVM-4Adjustable micro V $127.41
R-PSQ-2042-4Quick slide plate - R-PSQ-2042-4 $74.87
R-PSQ-3272-4Quick slide plate - R-PSQ-3272-4 $79.75
Adjustable angle plate$144.15
Rotational micro V$130.20
R-ASAE-4Adjustable slide acrylic extension $79.05
Adjustable slide mirror$92.77
R-AVP-2525-6Adjustable V-post - R-AVP-2525-6 $36.27
R-AVP-2525-8Adjustable V-post - R-AVP-2525-8 $36.27
R-AVP-11-20Adjustable V-post - R-AVP-11-20 $36.04
Adjustable height stand$47.90
Adjustable acrylic slide$30.46
Adjustable slide$24.41
Adjustable pivot joint$73.47
R-AJ-9-4Adjustable jack stand - R-AJ-9-4 $43.94
R-AJ-13-6Adjustable jack stand - R-AJ-13-6 $41.15
R-AJ-25-6Adjustable jack stand - R-AJ-25-6 $53.94
R-AJ-19-8Adjustable jack stand - R-AJ-19-8 $41.15
R-AJ-25-8Adjustable jack stand - R-AJ-25-8 $53.94
R-AJS-35-8Adjustable jack stand - R-AJS-35-8* $83.00
R-AJS-50-12Adjustable jack stand - R-AJS-50-12* $171.12
R-AJ-50-20Adjustable jack stand - R-AJ-50-20 $39.99
R-AJ-1-20Adjustable jack stand - R-AJ-1-20 $53.24