SERIES 359 Quick Scope – Digital Microscopes

The Mitutoyo Quick Scope Vision Measuring System delivers high-precision measurement capabilities with an easy-to-use, intuitive operation for improved measurement efficiency. The Quick Scope series easily performs manual work piece observation or measurements of single or multiple items.

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-Surface, contour and ring light illumination options enable users to configure the QS lighting to meet a variety of measurement needs
-Powerful, Windows®-based QSPAK software offers a spectrum of measuring and analysis capabilities
-Programmable low to high optical magnification zoom for wide field of view observation and high-magnification measurement without changing lenses
-The quick release system on the stage enables instant switching between coarse and fine movements
-Quick Navigation function enables the user to repeat measurements quickly

Technical Data

Technology: Manual VMM
Scale Resolution: 0.0000039370″ / 0.00010mm
Environment: 68°F, 20°C
Camera Type: 3MP Color CMOS
Field of View: 0.0382 x 0.0303 – 0.5354 x 0.4252″ / 0.97 x 0.77 – 13.6 x 10.8mm
Zoom Type: 8-Step Tube
Magnification: 13x – 183x
Illumination System: White LED contour, reflected, 4 quadrant ring light
Touch Trigger Probe: No
Color Lighting: No
Laser Tracking Autofocus (TAF): No
Vibration Stand: No
Range Z-Axis: 6″ / 150mm

Optional Accessories

02ATN695: Calibration Chart
12AAJ088: Foot Switch (Solid type)
02ATE760: Exclusive Table
176-305: Rotary Table with Fine-Feed Knob (A) for 2010 Size Stages
176-306: Rotary Table with Fine-Feed Knob (B) for 3017 or 4020 Size Stages
172-197: Swivel Center Support (An adapter set is required)
176-107: Holder with Clamp (An adapter set is required)
172-378: V-Block with Clamp (An adapter set is required)
176-310: Stage Adapter B is Required for 2010 Models
176-304: Stage Adapter is Required for 3017 and 4020 Models

Additional information

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QS-L2010/AFC, QS-L3017/AFC, QS-L4020/AFC


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