MeasurLink® – Gage Control

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Regardless of industry, manufacturers need to ensure their metrology equipment is the right tool for the job. Gage repeatability and reproducibility testing is the best way to ensure the gage has the required accuracy and resolution for the task at hand. Managing the calibration methods and cycles of this equipment is just as important. Gage management is a large undertaking usually involving on-site and off-site calibration, repair and maintenance.

Gage R&R

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MeasurLink® Gage R&R uses calculation methods based on AIAG’s Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA4). The following Gage R&R study types are supported:

  • Bias
  • Linearity
  • Type I
  • Variable Range Method
  • Crossed ANOVA
  • Crossed Average & Range
  • Nested ANOVA
  • Nested Average & Range
  • Stability

Gage Management

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Manufacturers use and maintain hundreds or thousands of gages. The procedures and record keeping of this work can be a time consuming and daunting task. MeasurLink® Gage Management allows users to perform these functions with confidence and efficiency.

  • Gage inventory management
  • Calibration history
  • Calibration procedures
  • Assessment and reporting
  • Gage vendor management
  • Gage location management
  • Gage R&R history