MeasurLink® – General Manufacturing

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Manufacturing companies across every industry want to improve the quality of their products while keeping their operating costs low. Mitutoyo’s MeasurLink® is the ideal software to assist companies with achieving these goals. As a Data Collection and Statistical Process Control Software, manufacturers have used MeasurLink® to improve product quality, prevent nonconformities and reduce inspection time and costs for over twenty years.

Real-Time Statistical Process Control

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MeasurLink® is a integral part of Six Sigma activities. Unlike other software, MeasurLink® calculates and monitors statistical metrics as each part is measured. This Real-Time monitoring allows users to control the quality of the product during production and prevent costly defects.

  • Live statistical data testing
  • Email alerts and alarms for out-of-control processes
  • Real time Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk calculations
  • Immediate pre-control, XBAR and IMR charting
  • Assignable cause and corrective action data entry

MeasurLink® allows companies to control the quality of their processes by identifying and reducing process variation.

Analysis of Measurement Data

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Measurement data is only useful if it can be found when it is needed. Manufacturers need instant access to data regardless of when or where it was measured. MeasurLink® Process Analyzer meets the analytical and reporting needs of manufacturers.

  • Filter data by traceability items
  • Merge data from other Lots or processes
  • Generate reports on current or historical data
  • Summary reports allow complex review of large amounts of data
  • Multivariate charting allows analysis of correlation

Access data from any workstation in system, across the room or anywhere on your network.