MeasurLink® – Intelligent Manufacturing

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We are at a very exciting time in manufacturing. The next revolution in industrial technology has already begun. More and more machine tools are supplying process data, while monitoring programs are displaying and improving machine uptime and usage. Metrology equipment and software are being adapted to work with this same infrastructure so that data can be collected quickly and easily.

XML and ASCII Based Import and Export

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MeasurLink® is a core software when implementing intelligent manufacturing. The Real-Time module can collect or import data from many sources including:

  • Quality Information Format(QIF)
  • Text, ASCII and CSV
  • XML Data Sources
  • Serial Devices(RS232)
  • Other Mitutoyo software using DDE

USB and Virtual COM Ports Can also be exported in many formats including:

  • Quality Information Format(QIF)
  • Text, ASCII and CSV
  • XML Data Sources

Process Feedback Automation

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Modern in-process gaging not only uses more sophisticated measurement equipment, it also reduces operator influence by using software to control the adjustment frequency and amount. Modern, in-line metrology equipment and software must have features and functions to facilitate this. MeasurLink® can be used to collect data and pass it along to other compensation software.

MeasurLink® can:

  • Collect data from virtually any digital source
  • Compare this data to part specifications
  • React to out-of-spec conditions, or failed data tests
  • Automatically generate and send XML-based reports upon completed part inspection