Capps-NC Advanced – 3-axis machine


Capps-NC Advanced – 3-axis machine

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Renishaw Capps-NC is a comprehensive part verification software package for machine tools, designed to give confidence to the user that the part produced conforms to the CAD model.
Capps-NC can reduce set-up time and fixturing cost while creating automated closed loop manufacturing. A reduction of additional repair and scraps will increase product quality.
• Generate measurement programs from the CAD model, offline, in a virtual PC environment.
• Using the comprehensive probe builder, various shanks, Renishaw probes and styli can be modeled.
• Generate probe paths for 3-axis machines measuring 2D and 3D prismatic features and 3D free-form surfaces.
• Collision avoidance automatically detects obstructions and generates avoidance paths.
• Supports a variety of CNCs and machine communication protocols (RS232, Ethernet, FOCAS, Mnet, TNCDirect, Siemens OPC, MTConnect).
• Uses industry-standard DMIS code to generate machine motion, construction, dimensioning and tolerance instructions.
• Generate comprehensive measurement reports with full GD&T
• Using the optional 4th/5th axis module, Capps-NC supports a variety of multi-axis machine configurations.
• Using the optional tool and work offset module, tool compensation commands and work offset shifts can be incorporated into the post processed output.
• Intuitive part alignment tools to achieve perfect part set-up conditions before the cutting process. Tools such as Best Fit and Iterative Part Alignment.
• Adapt G-code cutting and trimming programs to any actual part shape and orientation for 5-axis motion code with NC-Fit.
• First year maintenance and support included.

Capps-NC Advanced

Capps-NC Advanced is a single software license designed for the user who intends to program inspection cycles and capture measurement results on a single PC.
Complete Capps-NC license
Machine interface option
CAD importers (IGES and STEP)
One-year Capps-NC maintenance and support