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Renishaw CMM fixture base plates are precision ground within tight tolerances that are key to the quality of the modular Renishaw fixtures system.
Base plates are available in standard and custom sizes with a choice of threaded holes: M4, M6, M8* or 1/4-20. Cast aluminum base plates are coated with Nituff® hard coat anodize to resist wear and scratching and are available in sizes up to 1500 mm × 3000 mm (60 in × 120 in). Custom sized plates are available to order.
Don’t forget to ask your local sales representative about securing your plate to the CMM granite. This can be done with either Renishaw’s plate clamps or mounting holes.

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Product NumberthreadheightwidthdepthspacingPriceBuy
R-PC-501212-50-201/4-200.5 in12 in12 in0.5 in $499.41
R-PC-501818-50-201/4-200.5 in18 in18 in0.5 in $870.48
R-PC-752424-50-201/4-200.75 in24 in24 in0.5 in $1,762.35
R-PC-752840-50-201/4-200.75 in28 in40 in0.5 in $2,883.00
R-PC-753030-50-201/4-200.75 in30 in30 in0.5 in $2,413.35
R-PC-753648-50-201/4-200.75 in36 in48 in0.5 in $4,464.00
R-PC-13300300-15-8M813 mm300 mm300 mm15 mm $488.25
R-PC-13450450-15-8M813 mm450 mm450 mm15 mm $860.25
R-PC-19600600-15-8M819 mm600 mm600 mm15 mm $1,562.40
R-PC-19750750-15-8M819 mm750 mm750 mm15 mm $2,278.50
R-PC-197501020-15-8M819 mm750 mm1020 mm15 mm $2,604.00
R-PC-199001200-15-8M819 mm900 mm1200 mm15 mm $3,715.35
R-PC-5066-50-201/4-200.5 in6 in6 in0.5 in $213.90
R-PC-19750750-12-6M619 mm750 mm750 mm12.5 mm $2,413.35
R-PC-197501000-12-6M619 mm750 mm1000 mm12.5 mm $2,883.00
R-PC-199001200-12-6M619 mm900 mm1200 mm12.5 mm $4,464.00
R-PC-19600600-12-6M619 mm600 mm600 mm12.5 mm $1,855.35
R-PC-13150150-10-4M413 mm150 mm150 mm10 mm OC $255.75
R-PC-13300300-10-4M413 mm300 mm300 mm10 mm OC $627.75
R-PC-13150150-12-6M613 mm150 mm150 mm12.5 mm $213.90
R-PC-13300300-12-6M613 mm300 mm300 mm12.5 mm $499.41
R-PC-13450450-12-6M613 mm450 mm450 mm12.5 mm $1,018.35

M12 thread size available upon request.

Mounting holes may also be added and longer lead times may apply to larger plates.

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