FCR25 flexible change rack unit


The full potential of the SP25M system may be realized when the flexible change rack option is incorporated. Based on the versatile FCR25 triple-port rack unit, which allows any of the SP25M system elements to be rapidly exchanged in any of the ports, this is undoubtedly the most adaptable rack system yet from Renishaw. The FCR25 mounts directly to Renishaw’s MRS modular rack system. Alternatively, compact 3-port and 6-port ‘standalone’ racks are available which incorporate FCR25.

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FCR25 flexible change rack unit
The FCR25 flexible change rack is a triple port unit that has been designed to provide unmatched flexibility where rapid automatic changing is required. It mounts directly onto Renishaws MRS and MRS2 (modular racks) to securely store SM25 probe modules, SH25 stylus holders and TP20 modules. FCR25 does not require any electrical connection. Triple-port unit for MRS system.
1 × FCR25
3 × PA25-SH
3 × PA25-20

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in