Mazak M32/M Plus/Fusion


Mazak M32/M Plus/Fusion

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Renishaw probing and tool setting software is a set of macros that control probing motion and data manipulation for a number of routines with input of a few parameters. Some capabilities may vary by specific software package and individual controller. All software is supplied on USB with electronic user’s guide.

“Many versions of Inspection Plus now support SupaTouch and GoProbe.
SupaTouch is an optimization routine. It is an easy-to-use program that intelligently
optimizes on-machine probing cycles, leading to a cycle time reduction of up to 60%
on CNC machine tools. GoProbe makes your Renishaw probing system quick and
easy-to-use. GoProbe provides a simplified user interface with easy-to-use probing
cycles. It uses a Smartphone app to deliver a simple yet powerful manufacturing

See data sheet H-2000-2298 for more details on Renishaw macro software, including support for SupaTouch, GoProbe, Set and Inspect and Reporter (a MyRenishaw account is required to download this data sheet).

Inspection Plus software for machining centers

Available measurement cycles include:
• X or Y or Z single surface measure
• Any angle web/pocket
• 3 or 4 point bore/boss
• Internal/external corner
• 4th or 5th axis measure
• Feature to feature measure