MCG – 380 single arm kit


Renishaw’s Machine Checking Gauge (MCG) provides a simple method of monitoring CMM volumetric accuracy (to ISO 10360-2 standards) at regular intervals between annual service and re-calibration, or after a collision. The results give assurance that measurements taken on the CMM are accurate, or give conclusive proof that servicing or re-calibration work is needed. The process is quick and cost effective, typically taking between 10-20 minutes. A range of pillar heights and arm lengths are available so that volumetric accuracy can be checked on both large and small CMMs. Each MCG is supplied with its own certificate, traceable to UKAS standards.

Part Number Description Quantity
A-1007-0010 MCG 380 mm arm 1
A-5000-7650 MCG stylus 1
A-1007-0017 MCG pivot 1
A-1007-0018 MCG weight 1
A-1007-0061 MCG base plate 1
M-1007-0023 76.2 mm MCG pillar 1
M-1007-0025 235 mm MCG pillar 1
P-TL01-0150 Hexagonal wrench 1
A-1015-7645 MCG small kit box 1
SKU: A-1007-0154

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in