Metrology Fixture Tables

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Compatible with any portable CMM, white light or laser system, our metrology tables give you the freedom to move about your workshop or metrology inspection area with ease.

Renishaw’s metrology fixture tables are available in standard sizes or custom sizes with fully customizable options such as drawers, shelves and monitor or laptop brackets.

For custom orders please contact us at 818-833-7777

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R-TM-1500900-25-6 $4,231.50
R-TM-18001200-30-8 $6,821.55
R-TM-18001200-25-6 $6,821.55
R-TM-1500900-30-8 $5,380.05
R-TM-1200900-30-8 $4,231.50
R-TM-1200900-25-6 $4,231.50
R-TM-7248-1-20 $6,821.55
R-TM-6036-1-20 $5,380.05
R-TM-4836-1-20 $4,231.50

The modular construction of Renishaw’s metrology tables provide flexibility to mount portable CMMs. Improve your inspection process with our metrology tables and discover the following benefits:
Stability: Every fixture plate is secured to the metrology table frame with mounting holes, adding to the stability and rigidity of the table. This also allows users to mount heavy parts to the table without the top plate flexing or distorting.
Portability: Each table is fitted with levelling casters for easy height adjustments and manoeuvrability around your metrology or inspection area.
Repeatability: The fixture plates are precision ground and hard coat anodized to resist scratching and increase durability. All plates come with alpha-numeric labelling as standard, for correctly documenting each fixture set-up.
Compatibility: Fixture your parts using individual modular fixturing components or a custom fixture. Ordering one of our universal adapter plates (R-PAACU) will allow for fitment of any Faro, Romer or Nikon portable CMMs.
No downtime: Our metrology tables come fully assembled, just un-crate and start measuring.
Designed to suit your needs: Metrology fixture tables are available in any size to suit your requirements. Base plates are available in either a clear hard coat or black hard coat anodized finish (black finish ideal for vision-related applications).

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