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The MH20 is an ultra-compact manually adjustable probe head offering maximum flexibility in probe orientation. The full range of TP20 probe modules can be used via its integral probe mounting. The MH20 is incompatible with the MCR20.

Probe mounting TP20 kinematic mount
Head mounting MS/T range of shanks
Suitable interfaces PI4-2, PI200-3 or PI7-3
Number of probe sockets 1
Probe status indication 1 LED
Cable connection 5 pin DIN 180° socket
A-axis indexing Non-indexing swivel ±93°
B-axis indexing Non-indexing swivel ±300°
Maximum extension bar EM2 extension module – 75 mm (2.95 in)
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A-4043-0000MH20 head with low force module $3,984.12
A-4043-0100MH20 head with standard force module $3,984.12
A-4043-0200MH20 head with medium force module $3,984.12
A-4043-0300MH20 head with extended force module $3,984.12

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