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Note: The MRS kits are compatible with FCR25, SCP600 and ACR3.

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A-4192-0050MRS rail (400 mm) $210.18
A-4192-0051MRS rail (600 mm) $275.28
A-4192-0052MRS rail (1000 mm) $385.02
A-2098-0933SCP600 $1,432.20
A-4192-0061MRS leg (62.5 mm) $88.35
A-4192-0053MRS leg (125 mm) $104.16
A-4192-0020MRS heavy duty leg kit $372.00
A-4192-0702MRS adjustable foot plate $385.02
A-4192-0055MRS leg and foot adaptor $154.38
A-4192-0056MRS fixed foot $154.38
A-4192-0058MRS step back adaptor $154.38
P-NU18-0005M8 T nut $13.95

Stylus change port for SP600
The SCP600 holds SP600 stylus modules for automatic changing, and protects them from airborne contaminants. The SCP600 mounts directly to the MRS and MRS2 rack systems. This allows flexibility for users to configure multiple ports to suit their application. It is particularly suited to the SP600Q probe, where for example, star stylus clusters are unable to fit into an SCR600.

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