NC4 Blue Kits

$6,186.00  $5,752.98

Select your kit according to the required size, beam height and cable connector as shown below.

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A-6435-3010NC4+ F115/55 $5,752.98
A-6435-3210NC4+ F145/85 $5,752.98
A-6435-3030NC4+ F115/55 $5,752.98
A-6435-3230NC4+ F145/85 $5,752.98
A-6435-3110NC4+ F115/55 $5,752.98
A-6435-3310NC4+ F145/85 $5,752.98
A-6435-3130NC4+ F115/55 $5,752.98
A-6435-3330NC4+ F145/85 $5,752.98
Type/Size Beam Height Cable Connector Part Number
NC4+ F115/55 31 mm Straight A-6435-3010
NC4+ F145/85 31 mm Straight A-6435-3210
NC4+ F115/55 31 mm 90 degrees A-6435-3030
NC4+ F145/85 31 mm 90 degrees A-6435-3230
NC4+ F115/55 50 mm Straight A-6435-3110
NC4+ F145/85 50 mm Straight A-6435-3310
NC4+ F115/55 50 mm 90 degrees A-6435-3130
NC4+ F145/85 50 mm 90 degrees A-6435-3330

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