OMP40-2 retrofit kit

The OMP40-2 is an ultra-compact optical transmission part probing system. Measuring just 40 mm diameter and 50 mm in length, the OMP40-2 is suitable for all machining and mill-turn centers. Utilizing a revised state-of-the-art modulated optical transmission method, the system offers the highest level of resistance to light interference when used with the OMI‑2/OMI‑2T. The OMP40-2 probe is also backwards compatible with existing OMM/MI12 and OMI receivers, enabling current MP7, MP8, MP9 and MP10 system users to benefit from its innovative features.

Sense directions ±X,±Y,±Z
Stylus overtravel X and Y: ±12.5°
Z: 6 mm (0.23 in)
Stylus trigger force X and Y: 50 gf-90 gf
Z: 585 gf
Unidirectional repeatability 1.0 μm (0.00004 in)

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OMP40-2 probe
Receiver mounting bracket
OSI interface
50 mm and 100 mm ceramic styli
Sealtite kit
Renishaw Inspection Plus software
Installation and applications support

A shank is not included in this kit.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in