The PH10M PLUS motorized probe head has been developed for the new generation of contact and non-contact scanning probes. It has three times the torque of PH10 PLUS, allowing probe extension bars up to 300 mm long to be used.
The PH10M PLUS has an autojoint mounting.

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2σ positional repeatability: 0.4 μm
Cycle time (90° move): 3.5 seconds
Total angular movement: A axis: 105° to 0° in 7.5° steps = 15 positions
B axis: ±180° in 7.5° steps = 48 positions
Total number of positions: 720
Maximum extension bar length: 300 mm using PAA3 extension*
Head mounting: Shank to suit your CMM
Probe mounting facility: Autojoint
Probe head control: PHC10-3 PLUS (purchased separately)
Dimensions: Length 102 mm excluding AM1, width 62 mm
Weight: 645 g
Part number: A-5863-4000
* On all the PH10 PLUS series of probe heads, it is possible to extend beyond 300 mm using our range of CF extensions.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in