QuickLoad™ Corner (QLC)

Renishaw’s QuickLoad™ corner (QLC) system is designed to fit your specific vision machine.

“This system is made to fit the lower left hand corner of your vision stage and the location of its mounting holes. The QuickLoad corner contains magnets that allow Renishaw’s vision acrylic base plates to snap into a precise and repeatable position, enabling quick and easy loading and unloading of
plates. Steel pins are pressed into the sides of the plate to fit the
magnets contained in the QLC.”
The edges of the QLC are serrated so that parts can be mounted directly against them with Renishaw fixturing components. This enables quick and easy viewing for inspection.

There are two plate options to choose from to accompany your QLC:

• Multi-hole – Set up multiple parts on the plate at one time. Ideal for fixturing parts of various shapes and sizes.

• Multi-window – Allows a clear, unobstructed view of your parts. Multi-window plates can accommodate numerous parts at one time with different size window options. Ideal for small part inspection.

Price: Please Contact Us at 818-833-7777 or sales@qualityprecsiontools.com