QuickLoad Rails and Plate Sets

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The base plates locate and align to the rail using the integrated bronze location pins within the rail, whilst magnets secure them in position.
The rail can be positioned on the left, centre, right of the CMM’s granite, allowing multiple QuickLoad base plates and configurations to be used.
The rail can be secured directly onto the CMM’s granite using the provided bolts and locating washers, using a single or multiple rails.
This flexible fixturing system ensures it matches the holes on the CMM it is being installed on.
Note: Included: locating washers and M6, M8, M10, M12 & 1/4 20 cap head screws.

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R-KQL-B-201/4-20 $3,547.95
R-KQL-A-201/4-20 $1,422.90
R-KQL-B-8M8 $3,547.95
R-KQL-A-8M8 $1,422.90
R-KQL-B-6M6 $3,547.95
R-KQL-A-6M6 $1,422.90
Part number Thread Contents
R-KQL-A-6 M6 R-QLR-1350600 QTY. 1, R-QLPC-13300300-12-6 QTY. 2
R-KQL-B-6 M6 R-QLR-1350600 QTY. 2, R-QLPC-13300300-12-6 QTY. 2, R-QLPC-13450450-12-6 QTY. 2
R-KQL-A-8 M8 R-QLR-1350600 QTY. 1, R-QLPC-13300300-15-8 QTY. 2
R-KQL-B-8 M8 R-QLR-1350600 QTY. 2, R-QLPC-13300300-15-8 QTY. 2, R-QLPC-13450450-15-8 QTY. 2
R-KQL-A-20 1/4-20 R-QLR-50224 QTY. 1, R-QLPC-501212-50-20 QTY. 2
R-KQL-B-20 1/4-20 R-QLR-50224 QTY. 2, R-QLPC-501212-50-20 QTY. 2, R-QLPC-501818-50-20 QTY. 2

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