Renishaw Equator™ 300 Programmer’s version


Equator 300 machine with 6-port rack and joystick, controller with Organizer and MODUS™ software and ¼ in R&R threaded fixture plate

SKU: A-EQ33-2J40

Equator™ the versatile gauge™

The Renishaw Equator™ is a versatile alternative to custom gauging, offering inspection of an unprecedented variety of manufactured parts.

Fast, repeatable and versatile

The Equator™ system consists of a highly repeatable, “parallel kinematic” structure machine coupled with a high-power, multi axis universal controller and digital servo power amplifier. The resultant system is capable of high-speed, comparative gauging for inspection of high-volume manufactured parts, directly on the shop floor. Additionally, the optimized ratio of working envelope (300 mm × 300 mm × 300 mm*) to machine footprint ( 570 mm × 500 mm), means Equator™ can be set to work in even the most crowded of factory spaces. The lightweight machine, weighing just 55 lbs, requires just single phase power and needs no costly air supply
Re-configuration of the gauging system to cater for part design changes, or to measure new parts, is possible in a fraction of the time it would take with conventional custom gauging. An operator can switch between parts in seconds, perfect for flexible manufacturing processes or for accepting parts from multiple machines.

Easy to use

The included intuitive MODUS™ Organizer operator front end software requires little or no training, while on the programmable system the comprehensive MODUS™ Equator™ programming software allows engineers to rapidly create gauging routines for any part – simple or complex, prismatic or free-form – using industry-standard DMIS programming.

Thermally “stable” – for shop floor use

Re-mastering is as swift as measuring a production part and immediately compensates both the machine and the part being measured for temperature variations typical of a shop floor environment.

Integrated stylus changing

Further versatility is offered by the included Equator™-specific stylus changing rack, allowing automated in-cycle changing of SM25 stylus modules. The SM25 modules couple to the industry-standard SP25 CMM probe, allowing Equator™ users to swap the stylus configurations without re-qualifying each time. Up to six stylus combinations can be loaded into the rack at any time. These can be used on a single complex part or with multiple parts of varying geometries.

Traceability to calibrated CMMs

Master parts do not need to be expensive custom parts like a traditional gauge; take a production part and measure it on a CMM to establish feature variation from CAD or drawing nominals. The results from any CMM can be configured to be used directly within the Equator™ software.
Effectively, the calibrated absolute accuracy of the CMM can be “extended” onto the shop floor to provide calibrated traceability to Equator™ measurements. With the calibration file loaded into the Equator™ software, measurements made in the Equator™ system can be referred back to the CAD or drawing nominals. This allows true process control with SPC packages.

“* 300 mm Z measurement range available with module change to
SM25-3, measuring external features only on an extended height
Equator only. Z axis stroke is 150 mm.”

Machine kit

Equator™ 300 machine
Equator™ 6-port rack
SP25M scanning probe kit
Calibration accessory kit
Joystick (or ‘E-stop’ button)

Controller kit

Equator™ controller
Intuitive “front-end” software package

Equator™ tiles

Renishaw fixture plates (various options available).