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A-5518-1095REVO-2 head kit $45,888.99
A-5759-0001REVO-2 head only $43,446.81

REVO-2 system overview
The system comprises the following elements:
• REVO-2 head
• RSP2 2D tip sensing probe and associated stylus holders and accessories
• RSP3 3D probe and associated accessories
• UCC universal CMM controller
• REVO-2 PCI interface card (for UCC)
• SPA servo power amplifier
• Air filter unit

REVO-2 – ‘tip sensing’ probe technology
• Enclosed laser directed onto a reflector at the stylus tip.
• The stylus touches the part and bends.
• The reflector is displaced.
• The altered return path of the laser is sensed by a PSD.
• The exact tip position is known because the reflector and the stylus ball are close together.
• Stylus wear is minimized by using a low scanning force.

REVO-2 features and benefits
• Incorporates Renscan5™ 5-axis scanning technology minimizing CMM motion and the associated CMM dynamic errors
• Increased measuring speed, up to 500 mm/s, resulting in increased measurement throughput
• Data collection rates up to 6,000 points per second
• Infinite positioning and 5-axis motion reduces non-productive transitions between features
• Stylus wear minimized by extremely low scanning forces
• Infinite positioning and 5-axis motion aid access to difficult features
• Rapid calibration with all positions inferred means more time measuring
• Maximum reach up to 500 mm with maintained effective working length
• Standard M2 styli for convenience
• Probe and stylus changing capability allowing flexibility and future probing technology compatibility

Hardware integration
• The UCC is fundamental to the REVO-2 system
• The UCC controller features Renscan5™ scanning routines particular to 5-axis motion and scanning
• SPA is a servo power amplifier used to drive the head and CMM
• MCU is the multi-function hand control unit required for the system

Software integration
• The Renishaw UCCserver™ software application will provide the interface for REVO® control
• UCCserver™ is based on I++DME command protocol

REVO-2 head kit
45 mm diameter datum ball


Operating temperature +10 °C to +40 °C (+50 °F to +104 °F)
Storage temperature -25 °C to +70 °C (-13 °F to +158 °F)
Weight (excluding probe and cables) 2.1 kg (4 lb 10 oz)
Height (overall) 176.5 mm (6.95 in). Quill to probe mount, including 4 mm mounting plate
B-axis 92 mm × 93.5 mm (3.62 in × 3.68 in)
A-axis swept diameter 116 mm (4.56 in)
Movement speed 3 revs/sec
A-axis rotation angle -5° to +120° (for measurement with RSP2 and RVP)
-100° to +120° (used for calibration and measurement with RSP3 and SFP1)
B-axis rotation angle Continuous
Angular resolution 0.02 arc sec (0.01 µm / 100 mm)
Bearings Air – consumption rate up to 35 l/min (5 bar to 8.5 bar)
(Refer to user’s guide for detail)
Change rack system RCP TC-# for probe changing / RCP for stylus changing; VPCP and VMCP for vision system
Mounting Quill mounting in the vertical orientation only (adaptor may be required)

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