SCR200 kit (standard force modules)


The SCR200 stylus changing rack provides rapid, automatic changing of styli without the need to requalify probe tips. Installation and set-up of the system are achieved with minimal operator skill, as no special CMM cabling, software or communications are required. The SCR200 is powered and serviced entirely by the PI200-3 interface and is fully crashed protected.


Weight 0.75 kg
Mounting orientation Vertical or horizontal
Mounting fixture Single stud (M8, M10)
Number of ports 6
Repeatability of stylus change (2σ) at 50 mm Automatic ≤1 μm
Manual ≤2 μm
Entry speed Unrestricted
Module pull-off force 800 g maximum
Overtravel protection Electromechanical (5° minimum deflection)
LED indicators
Power Green
Status Red (flashing during probe inhibit)
Change cycle detection Optoelectronic beam system with Hall effect proximity sensor
Multi-rack usage Up to two SCR200 units (12 ports) may be connected with a special cable


All alignment requirements and port docking co-ordinates can be established with only eight probing points. No control signals from the CMM are required.

Alignment adjustment XY rotational only ±0.1 mm
Docking tolerance X ±0.17, Y ±1.5 mm, Z ± 2 mm
Power supply / control PI 200-3 interface
Cable length 20 m maximum (PI 200-3 to SCR2000)
Cable connection 6-pin miniature DIN socket
Set-up time <30 minutes

SCR200 kit
3 stylus changing modules
Mounting kit
PS2R stylus (A-5000-3603)
Location plate

SCR200 cables
PL63S – 5 m
PL64S – 10 m
PL65S – 20 m

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 10 in