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M-2045-0068CAT30 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0069CAT40 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0138CAT45 Shank $837.00
M-2045-0071CAT50 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0292CAT60 Shank $1,739.10
M-2045-0077BT30 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0027BT40 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0038BT45 Shank $837.00
M-2045-0073BT50 Shank $375.72
M-2045-0186HSK A40 Shank $708.66
M-2045-0187HSK A50 Shank $844.44
M-2045-0188HSK A63 Shank $906.75
M-2045-0189HSK A80 Shank $1,098.33
M-2045-0190HSK A100 Shank $1,101.12
M-2045-0313CAPTO C4 Shank $767.25
M-2045-0346CAPTO C5 Shank $1,017.42
M-2045-0310CAPTO C6 Shank $690.99
M-2045-0311CAPTO C8 Shank $1,710.27
M-2045-0335KM63 Shank $1,420.11
M-2045-1831591KM63Y Shank (Mazak) $1,608.90
A-2045-0243½ in straight shank $222.27
A-2030-02521 in straight shank $222.27
A-2030-021125 mm straight shank $222.27
M-4071-0050CAT30 Shank $423.15
M-4071-0058CAT40 Shank $375.72
M-4071-0072CAT50 Shank $375.72
M-4071-0049BT30 Shank $434.31
M-4071-0057BT40 Shank $375.72
M-4071-0071BT50 Shank $375.72
M-4071-0048ISO30 DIN69871 Shank $423.15
M-4071-0069ISO40 DIN69871 Shank $404.55
M-4071-0044HSK E25 Shank $492.90
M-4071-0055HSK E32 Shank $492.90
M-4071-0054HSK E40 Shank $492.90
M-4071-0045HSK A32 Shank $492.90
M-4071-0046HSK A40 Shank $492.90
M-4071-0047HSK A50 Shank $664.02
M-4071-0129HSK A63 Shank $581.25
M-4071-0141CAPTO C4 Shank $809.10
M-4071-0066CAPTO C5 Shank $840.72
M-4071-0067CAPTO C6 Shank $840.72
M-4071-0065KM63 Shank $840.72
M-4071-0058-RICAT40 shank kit $550.56
M-4071-0057-RIBT40 shank kit $375.72
A-5625-100325 mm straight shank $222.27
A-5625-1004½ in straight shank $222.27
A-5625-10071 in straight shank $222.27

Shanks for OMP60, MP11, OMP600, RMP60 and RMP600 (spin-on, optical-on, radio-on) systems:

M-2045-0068 CAT30 Shank
M-2045-0069 CAT40 Shank
M-2045-0138 CAT45 Shank
M-2045-0071 CAT50 Shank
M-2045-0292 CAT60 Shank
M-2045-0077 BT30 Shank
M-2045-0027 BT40 Shank
M-2045-0038 BT45 Shank
M-2045-0073 BT50 Shank
M-2045-0186 HSK A40 Shank
M-2045-0187 HSK A50 Shank
M-2045-0188 HSK A63 Shank
M-2045-0189 HSK A80 Shank
M-2045-0190 HSK A100 Shank
M-2045-0313 CAPTO C4 Shank
M-2045-0346 CAPTO C5 Shank
M-2045-0310 CAPTO C6 Shank
M-2045-0311 CAPTO C8 Shank
M-2045-0335 KM63 Shank
M-2045-1831591 KM63Y Shank (Mazak)
A-2045-0243 1/2 in straight shank
A-2030-0252 1 in straight shank
A-2030-0211 25 mm straight shank

Shanks for OMP40-2, OMP400 and RMP40:

M-4071-0050 CAT30 Shank
M-4071-0058 CAT40 Shank
M-4071-0072 CAT50 Shank
M-4071-0049 BT30 Shank
M-4071-0057 BT40 Shank
M-4071-0071 BT50 Shank
M-4071-0048 ISO30 DIN69871 Shank
M-4071-0069 ISO40 DIN69871 Shank
M-4071-0044 HSK E25 Shank
M-4071-0055 HSK E32 Shank
M-4071-0054 HSK E40 Shank
M-4071-0045 HSK A32 Shank
M-4071-0046 HSK A40 Shank
M-4071-0047 HSK A50 Shank
M-4071-0129 HSK A63 Shank
M-4071-0141 CAPTO C4 Shank
M-4071-0066 CAPTO C5 Shank
M-4071-0067 CAPTO C6 Shank
M-4071-0065 KM63 Shank

OMP400 and RMP40 shank kits:
CAT40 shank kit
CAT40 shank
OMP60/RMP60 shank adaptor

BT40 shank kit
BT40 shank
OMP60/RMP60 shank adaptor

Shanks for OLP40 and RLP40:

A-5625-1003 25 mm straight shank
A-5625-1004 ½ in straight shank
A-5625-1007 1 in straight shank

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