SM25-4 full module kit


The SP25M is actually two sensors in one! – enabling the user to SCAN for form measurement or reverse engineering and TOUCH TRIGGER PROBE (TTP) for geometry.
Highly accurate scanning performance with (M3) stylus lengths from 20 mm to 200 mm together with the ability to carry Renishaw’s TP20 range of touch-trigger probe modules mean that the SP25M system provides unmatched flexibility to optimize a measurement solution to suit the application
The probe is just 25 mm in diameter, compatible with Renishaw’s PH10M/MQ, PH6M and PHS1 probe heads, and can also be mounted using a multiwired extension bar. Together these combinations permit excellent reach and access to part features.

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Physical measurement range ±0.5 mm deflection in all directions in all orientations
Physical overtravel range X,Y: ±2.0 mm
+Z: 1.7 mm
-Z: 1.2 mm
Resolution Capable of < 0.1 μm
Spring rate 0.6 N/mm to 0.2 N/mm – dependent on stylus length
Dimensions ∅25 mm x length dependent on module used
Mass SP25M body: 65 g
SM25-1 scan module: 35 g (includes SH25-1, but excludes stylus)
SM25-2 scan module: 40 g (includes SH25-2, but excludes stylus)
SM25-3 scan module: 49 g (includes SH25-2, but excludes stylus)
SM25-20 TTP module: 40 g (includes TP20 standard, but excludes stylus)
Mounting Multiwired autojoint connection:
compatible with PH10M PLUS, PH10MQ PLUS, AND PH6M
may be mounted to autojoint extension bars
Signal Outputs Non-linear and non-orthogonal analog outputs – rate, gain, and resolution are not fixed
Interface AC3 card

SM25-4 full module kit
“Range of scanning modules designed to provide optimised scanning performance over their specified
stylus length ranges:”
SM25-1 / 2 / 3 / 4 recommended for use with linear stylus arrangements
1 × SM25-4
2 × SH25-4
full stylus kit containing:
1 × M3 stylus D5R L21 EWL21 d2.5SS
1 × M3 stylus D5R L50 EWL50 d2.5CE
1 × M3 stylus D10R L200 EWL200 d4C/F
1 × M3 stylus D10R L150 EWL150 d4C/F
1 × M3 stylus D10R L100 EWL100 d4C/F
1 × M3 stylus D10R L75 EWL75 d4C/F
2 × M2-M3 stylus tools
Weight: 71 g (2.50 oz) (including SH25-4 but excluding stylus)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in