Stylus module – SH600 standard


The SP600M is an autojointed, multiwired analog scanning probe which enables a CMM to gather large amounts of data very rapidly for inspection or digitizing purposes. Low spring forces allow scanning of finely detailed parts. The probe can be used with a PH10M or PH6M probe head and is compatible with the Renishaw autochange system.

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Stylus module – SH600 standard
The SH600 stylus holder provides overtravel protection, and allows rapid and repeatable interchange between
stylus configurations. This can be automated by using the SCR600 stylus change rack or, alternatively, individual SCP600 stylus change ports mounted on a MRS.
There are two variants, SH600 STD and SH600 EXT, the difference being the stylus carrying capacity. The STD can carry up to 200 mm (7.87 in) and the EXT up to 300 mm (11.81 in) long stylus.

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