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Our acrylic fixture base plates can be customized to fit and mount to your vision stage with a small area in the center of the plate without threaded holes, which allows an unrestricted view for very small parts.
Acrylic base plates are 13 mm (0.50 in) thick and available in sizes from 150 mm × 150 mm (6 in × 6 in) up to 400 mm × 400 mm (16 in × 16 in ), available with M4, M6 or 1/4-20 threaded holes. Custom sized plates are available to order.

There are two base plate options to choose from:
Multi-hole – offers greater flexibility to set up and check as many parts as possible at one time with a clear area in the center of the plate.
Multi-window – more windows for the clearest view of small parts.

Don’t forget to select the correct QuickLoad™ corner (QLC) specific to your vision or multisensor machine to accompany your acrylic base plate. To find the correct QLC compatible with your machine, please contact your local sales representative.

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Part NumberThreadHeightWidthDepthWindowsSpacingPriceBuy
R-PV-13150150-10-4 $325.50
R-PV-13200200-10-4 $427.80
R-PV-13250150-10-4 $429.66
R-PV-13250250-10-4 $509.64
R-PV-13300200-10-4 $514.29
R-PV-13300300-10-4 $737.49
R-PV-13400400-10-4 $1,074.15
R-PV-13250150-10-4R $461.28
R-PV-13200200-10-4R $459.42
R-PV-13250250-10-4R $584.04
R-PV-13300200-10-4R $553.35
R-PV-W-13150150-10-4 $366.42
R-PV-W-13200200-10-4 $345.03
R-PV-W-13250150-10-4 $334.80
R-PV-W-13250250-10-4 $364.56
R-PVW-13300200-10-4 $415.71
R-PVW-13300300-10-4 $467.79
R-PV-W-13400400-10-4 $995.10
R-PV-13150150-12-6 $324.57
R-PV-13250250-12-6 $447.33
R-PV-W-13250150-12-6 $461.28
R-PV-W-13250250-12-6 $337.59
R-PV-W-13400400-12-6 $976.50
R-PV-5066-50-20 $317.13
R-PV-501010-50-20 $439.89
R-PV-50128-50-20 $435.24
R-PV-501616-50-20 $757.02
R-PV-501010-50-20R $470.58
R-PV-501212-50-20R $525.45
R-PV-W-50106-50-20 $381.30
R-PV-W-501010-50-20 $327.36
R-PVW-50128-50-20 $376.65
R-PV-W-501616-50-20 $967.20

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