DP-1VA Digimatic Mini-Processor


The Mitutoyo DP-1VA mini-processor and printer uses real-time measurement data from a Digimatic output measuring tool to perform complex statistical calculations such as those needed for Xbar-R control charts, histograms and D-charts.

The Mitutoyo DP-1VA Logger takes Digimatic measurement data in real time and can print the data for each part or send the information directly to a PC using a USB cable. The data collection is triggered by the button on the gage, cable, optional footswitch or the DP-1VA. The data logger stores up to 1,000 pieces of data in memory, and batch transfers stored data to an Excel-format inspection, etc. by connecting to a PC via a USB cable.

SKUPort for FootswitchRequires SPC CableData InputPrinting MethodPrint SpeedPrint CapacityPrinter PaperPower SupplyBattery LifeData Proccessing Mode 0Data Processing Mode 1Data Processing Mode 3Total # of Data EntriesTolerance JudgementData StorageTimer Input (seconds)Data OutputOperating Temperature RangeDimensionsPriceBuy


•DP-1VA can collect data unattended to measure changes over time
•Data collection can be triggered by a timer function
•Up to 1,000 measurements can be stored
•Go/no-go judgments are displayed on judgment lamps
•Up to five sets of Go/no-go judgments can be set
•Processor connects to a PC with USB micro-connector (optional, not included)
•Large keys are easy to operate
•Ability to print, save and send data

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