EC Counter Display Unit


The Mitutoyo EC Counter Display Unit connects to digital measuring instruments providing Digimatic measurement data output and fast Go/no-go judgments on a large LED display.

The Mitutoyo EC Counter is a single-function multi-point display unit that shows measurements and quick Go/no-go judgments from digital measuring instruments. The unit’s DIN size and mount-on-panel configuration incorporates better into a system. The large LED display is ideal for low-light situations or when the scale is not optimally positioned.

SKUApplicable gageresolutiongage-capacity:Gage CapacitydisplayFunctionoutputExternal ControlPower SupplyDimensionsmassRequires SPC CablePriceBuy
542-007ALGD, LGS, All SPC output gages$3,710.00


•Connects to LGD, LGS and all SPC output gages
•Functions: preset and Go/no-go judgment
•Output: 3-step limit signal, normal signal
•Display size is 6 LEDs

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