Linear Height LH-600E/EG – Series 518 – Accessories

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Depth probe, ø20mm taper probe, Block for calibrating probe diameter (applicable to taper probe), Dial indicator (ø8mm stem) holder, Dial indicator (ø3/8”stem) holder, Probe extension holder (85mm/3.3”) , ø10mm cylindrical probe, ø1mm ball probe, ø2mm ruby ball probe, ø2mm ball probe, ø3mm ball probe, ø4mm ball probe, ø10 mmball probe, L=55mm, ø10mm ball probe, L=82mm, ø10mm ball probe, L=120mm, ø5mm disk probe, ø10mm disk probe, ø14mm disk probe, ø20mm disk probe, ø1mm ball offset probe, ø4mm ball offset probe, ø6mm ball offset probe, Test indicator (ø6mm stem) adapter, M2 CMM stylus adapter, M3 CMM stylus adapter, Battery pack, Thermal printer (120V), Thermal printing paper (10pcs.), Cable for page printer** (2m), RS-232C cable (2m/80”)


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