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The Mitutoyo MeasurLink® Gage R&R Standard Module uses a variety of techniques which provides information to measure the capability of a measurement system for a measurement task.

The Mitutoyo MeasurLink® Gage R&R Standard module is used to provide information about a measurement system’s reproducibility, repeatability, location or stability. Graphical tools allow for isolation of gaging problems including inconsistencies in technique between operators or inspectors. Data can be collected directly from a gage connected to the system or transferred from a Mitutoyo CMM, Vision and Form Measuring Systems via native integration (DDE). Users can also key in their data manually.

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•All studies in the database are visible and can be organized using different criteria
•Recommended by the academic community, the collection sequence can be randomized automatically
•In addition to the standard calculations, Gage R&R also provides graphical tools for analysis of the measurement system
•The Xbar and R chart displays whether there is adequate gage discrimination to record part-to-part variation in production and operator consistency

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