MeasurLink Process Manager


The Mitutoyo MeasurLink® Process Manager Standard Module monitors data as it is collected in Real-Time, providing managers with the perfect tool to organize and maintain a shop-wide quality program at a glance.

The Mitutoyo MeasurLink® Process Manager module displays snapshot windows of characteristics that are currently being collected in MeasurLink® Real-Time. This data can be sorted by inspection station, capability or timestamp. The process information is viewable without moving from one inspection area to another by viewing current production across all machines. This provides an ideal scenario when presenting clients with a view of the quality operation for the entire facility all in one place.

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•Log view displays information from multiple stations in a tabular view form, and users can select the type of events to be monitored
•Plant view allows users the highest level view of their shop floor processes
•Ticker view displays capability values that continuously scroll on the screen
•Remote viewing capabilities show what operators see and what your customers will see before the product is delivered

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