SERIES 359 Quick Image (Manual)

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The Quick Image series Vision Measuring System is a compact system with the highest level of measuring accuracy in its class. Sub-pixel processing enables high-accuracy edge detection even with a wide view field, as well as stable, accurate measurements on large workpieces. Its compact design and high-quality components makes the QI Vision system ideal for integration on the shop floor or in the lab.

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-Telecentric Optical System eliminates human errors due to focusing
-Double-telecentric optics enable efficient measurements and eliminates human error with a -long focal depth and wide field of view
-An extra-long 90mm working distance ensures you can focus without worrying about collisions even with stepped workpieces
-One-click tool offers simple execution of multiple measurements
-3 mega-pixel color CMOS camera
-Four quadrant LED ring light
-Orientation of part is automatically detected
-Two models available, large field of view or high magnification

Technical Data

Technology: Manual VMM
Scale Resolution: 0.0000039370″ / 0.00010mm
Environment: 68°F, 20°C
Camera Type: 3MP Color CMOS
Zoom Type: Digital
Working Distance: 4″ / 90mm
Illumination System: LED Green Stage, White Coaxial, 4-Quadrant White Ring
Touch Trigger Probe: No
Color Lighting: No
Laser Tracking Autofocus (TAF): No
Vibration Stand: No
Range Z-Axis: 4″ / 100mm

Optional Accessories

02ATX180: Ring Light Diffusion Plate
937179T: Foot Switch – Standard Type
12AAJ088: Foot Switch – Rigid Type
176-305: Rotary Table with Fine-Feed Knob (A) for 2010 Size Stages
176-306: Rotary Table with Fine-Feed Knob (B) for 3017 or 4020 Size Stages
172-197: Swivel Center Support (An adapter set is required)
172-107: Holder with Clamp (An adapter set is required)
172-378: V-Block with Clamp (An adapter set is required)
176-310: Stage Adapter B is Required for 2010 Models
176-304: Stage Adapter is Required for 3017 and 4020 Models
02ATX190: Mounting Stand

Additional information

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Dimensions N/A

QI-A1010D, QI-A2010D, QI-A2017D, QI-A3017D, QI-A4020D


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