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The Mitutoyo U-WAVE transmitter enables easy wireless data communication from a measuring tool to a PC using the Digimatic protocol. Measurement efficiency is improved by eliminating the long and cumbersome data cables.

The U-WAVE transmitter installs on to any Mitutoyo digital measuring tool and uses the Mitutoyo Digimatic protocol to easily transfer data measurements wirelessly to a PC. The use of U-WAVE eliminates the need for long, cumbersome data cables for much better measurement efficiency. The U-WAVE transmitters are available for Mitutoyo digital calipers, micrometers, indicators and height gages and transmit measurement data.

SKUModelConnection TypeTransmitterFit Transmitter OnlyFor Footswitch ConnectionData Send Switch IncludedPriceBuy
02AZD790AConnection Cable$121.00
02AZD790BConnection Cable$121.00
02AZD790CConnection Cable$121.00
02AZD790DConnection Cable$121.00
02AZD790EConnection Cable$121.00
02AZD790FConnection Cable$121.00
02AZD790GConnection Cable$121.00
02AZE140AConnection Cable with footswitch port$191.00
02AZE140BConnection Cable with footswitch port$191.00
02AZE140CConnection Cable with footswitch port$191.00
02AZE140DConnection Cable with footswitch port$191.00
02AZE140EConnection Cable with footswitch port$191.00
02AZE140FConnection Cable with footswitch port$191.00
02AZE140GConnection Cable with footswitch port$191.00
02AZF300Connection unit$77.20
02AZF310Connection unit$77.20


A short cable is used to connect any Mitutoyo digital caliper, micrometer, indicator or height gage to a Mitutoyo U-Wave transmitter. These cables match specifically to the measuring tool, and are available as conventional connecting cables or cables with a foot switch for easier data collection. Fastening clips are included with cables when necessary. U-WAVE Fit and U-WAVE Bluetooth™ models eliminate the connection cable altogether with a connection unit for a homogenous attachment to the tool and transmitter.

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