Thickness gages – Series 547, 7 – Tube Thickness Measurement

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547-361SInch/Metric0-.47in 0-12mm.001in-.0005in 0.01mm1.5Digimatic IDC$471.75
547-561SInch/Metric0-.47in 0-12mm.001in-.0005in 0.01mm1.5Digimatic IDS$295.08
7360AMetric0-10mm15µm0.01mm-less than 1.4Tube thickness$164.70

Optional Accessories

21AZB149Depth gages up to 12.7mm/.5"$9.15
21AZB150Depth gages up to 25mm/1"$9.80

Optional Accessories

905338: SPC cable (40″ / 1m) for digital type
905409: SPC cable (80″ / 2m) for digital type
902794: Spindle lifting lever for IDS digimatic type (stroke .5″ / 12.7mm)
21AZB149: Spindle lifting lever for digimatic and dial thickness gage (stroke .5″ / 12.7mm)
21AZB150: Spindle lifting lever for dial indicator (stroke 1″ / 25.4mm)

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